What an opportunity: The current semester has barely begun when Lucie Priller, Lilith Back and Manuel Glock are already packing their bags again. On invitation of Berlin-based “Taikonauten – Agentur für Digitale Anziehungskraft” the Media Design students travelled to Amsterdam for this year’s Awwwards Digital Conference, one of the most important international conferences on digital innovation and web-based development.
Bonus: the group will also take part in the workshop “Prototyping the Future(s)” with digital experts Sarah Lange and Florian Lenz from Taikonauten.

We are looking forward to hearing from the students about their study trip!

Awwwards: An event for Designers, Web Developers and Digital Dreamers. Each year, Awwwards hosts conferences in various iconic cities around the world, from New York, Barcelona and Amsterdam to London, Paris and L.A. The events bring together the best agencies and thought leaders from the world of digital design.

The Taikonauts are an internationally active digital agency based in Berlin. From there, they maintain close ties with Ravensburg as a partner company of the Media Design degree programme. Also, founder and CEO Maik Fahldiek as an alumnus of our degree programme.