How does the German dominant society communicate with its migrant minorities? And how do they communicate with the dominant society? Taking Turkish music in Germany as an example, we will look at music video examples and exhibition design.

The evening is a reload of the “Lecture Music at the German ‘Integration Border’. Turkish Music in Germany,” co-developed with Dr. Cornelia Lund as a contribution to the conference “Parallel Societies” in Vienna in October 2022.

Like no other migrant music in and from Germany, the assessment of Turkish (pop) music on the part of the dominant society has been marked by negativity, undesirability and “mistrust” (Maria Wurm), partly well into the 2010s. We would like to take a discourse-analytical look at the contexts of this negativity and the evaluation structures associated with it in order to gain insight into exclusions at a very special inner-German “integration border.