In 1954, the Nigerian author Amos Tutuola published the novel My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. In it, the story is about an encounter with the spirit world, a realm that seems to have been swept so well under the rug of rationality in the Western world, except for a few occasional barrel night rituals.

In Africa, this spirit world has never disappeared, and currently it is combining with digitality in African music videos: digital terminals, digital music, and digital media production. What emerges is amazing: a new kind of audiovisual creation, with a new aesthetic vitality and a new reality of the world of spirits. These are in fact not only conjured up in the music videos with the trinity of dance, instrument and song, but are also lured out of digitality itself. Thus, in the music videos, not only music is visualized, but also, with the means of digitality, its very own spirits, of which some have always suspected that they are real.



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