Film: Electro Chaabi (D: Hind Meddeb; FR/EG 2013, 77 min)
Introduction: Cornelia Lund
DJ Set: DJ Jaywalk (Global Pop First Wave) and Martin Georgi (Seismographic Records)

Between two exhibitions, the art museum in Ravensburg opens its doors and invites you to the UNDER CONSTRUCTION series. A music-related film will be presented followed by a DJ set. The series focuses on more experimental film formats beyond the hegemonic, Western-centered cinema and music mainstream.
The second film in the series is Electro Chaabi (director: Hind Meddeb; FR/EG 2013), a documentary about the rise of this electrified version of Arabic hip-hop into the mainstream of Egyptian music in the wake of the “Arab Spring.” The musical style not only fuels parties and careers of young people from informal settlements in Cairo, the lyrics also convey their criticism of the political situation. Hind Meddeb’s film shows this youth culture in its liveliest form and at the same time subtly questions its machismo and blind ambition.

The DJ set explores the Arabic and neo-Arabic musicscape associated with the film’s music. Points of reference include historical youth music on Egyptian disco cassettes or Algerian pop-psychedelic from the 1970s, but also current electro-folk from the Maghreb.

Curated by Cornelia Lund and Holger Lund, fluctuating images
Supported by: MFG Baden-Württemberg, LFK – Die Medienanstalt für Baden-Württemberg,
Wolfram Stiftung.