The bachelor project »CIRCULAR INSANITY — emotions of a bipolar person – an experimental short« by MdRV graduate Niklas Blum wins the Young Comprix 2023.

COMPRIX is one of the most important healthcare creative competitions in Germany – the seal of quality for excellence and creativity. Among the finalists on the shortlist are another 3 students from DHBW Media Design: Benjamin Branner with »Modern Supplife«, Lorena Mona Mauz with »FaceLess« and Lukas Neukam with »CLAIR – Clean Air«.


Niklas Blum’s work is an attempt to translate the different states of a bipolar affective disorder (euthymia, mania and depression) into cinematic images which, without being explanatory, allow the viewer an insight into the inner workings of a bipolar person through empathy.

CIRCULAR INSANITY has also received other awards in Official Selections and Awards prior to the Young Comprix.