»It is clear that we communication designers manipulate, deceive and trick. It is as clear as day that politicians also like to do this sometimes. That’s why it’s all the more charming how exactly this tool is used here to explain the mechanics of populism in a convincing and humorous way. In light of the loud-mouthed shouting that is taking hold everywhere, even in democracies, this serious work is our favorite. It was unanimously chosen by us for its social relevance and satirical quality.« This is the jury statement of the aed neuland 2023. Thus, MdRV alumni Yannik Schäfer receives the first prize in the category “Communication Design” and with it 2,000 euros in prize money.


The project »Propaganda nutzen!« offers a manual including digital coaching to learn and apply propaganda techniques to successfully get elected as mayor:in. The goal is to help candidates communicate their political agenda more effectively and persuade voters. The targeted introduction of propaganda in local politics is intended to make it more approachable for the population in order to strengthen the understanding of media manipulation.

The work was supervised by Prof. Herbert Moser, Prof. Dr. Holger Lund, Florian Tscharf and Fabian Karrer.


The aed is a non-profit initiative supported by its members. Its aim is to promote the strong design competence in the Stuttgart region – from product and graphic design to multimedia and engineering to architecture – and to make it accessible to the public. Architects, graphic artists, designers, engineers and other designers who shape our built environment and the products of our daily lives: Invited by aed, members of all these disciplines report on and discuss current projects as well as fundamental issues. This way, young students in particular are promoted and encouraged to engage with other disciplines.