The ADC Talent Awards ceremony in Hamburg was once again a real celebration for media design students at DHBW Ravensburg. With their semester projects and final theses, they not only won gold, twice silver, four times bronze and three awards. The coveted Grand Prix for the best final thesis, awarded only once per year, also went to Ravensburg again in 2022. After 2019 and 2018, this is already the third time that DHBW Ravensburg has won the highest possible ADC Talent Award! A great result that once again underlines DHBW Mediendesign’s standing as one of Germany’s creative forges.

The Art Directors Club (ADC) Germany is THE leading creative association in Germany. The country’s most prominent designers and advertisers have been setting standards in creative communication for decades. An important concern is the promotion of talent, supported by a competition for young talent. The motto of this year’s competition festival was “Ideas Create Reality”. “The question of how we as designers can contribute to a better life together is omnipresent. And that’s a good thing!”, says Betty Schimmelpfennig, Chairwoman for the ADC Talent Award 2022, and praises: “Many talents have accepted the challenge and responsibility of responding to current issues of our time with creative ideas and approaches. Continue to use your curiosity, your imagination, because ideas shape our reality.”

Grand Prix & Golden Nail

  • “Molda.”: Marvin Stegmann and Maximilian Wölfl. The work’s aim is to find a translation for the visuality of mould and to transfer this to a product. In the work “Molda.” sofas are presented in a mould look. With the help of a configurator, the viewer can create a unique piece that questions the perception of the mould aesthetic. A luxury product for well-being is created from original disgust.

Silver Nail

  • »Schon fertig«: Felix Müller. Educational project on the topic of gender transition from woman to man. The aim of the book is to achieve a form of education that is far removed from medical jargon in order to be able to reflect on the information correctly, uninfluenced and personally.
  • »Schweigekilometer« (+ ADC Jury Choice): Tobias Gaiser. How can we raise awareness of the dangers of one of Germany’s most accident-prone motorbike routes without the use of driving bans, rumble strips, speed cameras or “wake-up” posters?

Bronce Nail

  • »Ein Gedicht«: Marketa Müllerová
  • »Jamside Down«: Jonas Hardt, Justus Jäger, Soraya Müller, Nico Rinker
  • »LEGO Press‘n‘Play«: Verena Lutz, Julia Fickeisen, Leopold Schmittnägel, Lea Hirsch
  • »Schon fertig«: Felix Müller


  • »Öfter hier?«: Melanie Löfflad, Nadine Tadler, Enya, Alina
  • »Planet Branding« Natascha Jokic, Simon Schaeffeler
  • »aber eigentlich«: Katharina Vahlenkamp