End of September, art galleries, studios, museums, but also shops and offices opened their doors late into the night and presented local art projects. A total of 25 locations spread throughout the city made the city’s diverse artistic and creative culture accessible in a variety of ways.
This year, the newly founded DHBW Center for Immersive Media (CIM) also took part, presenting a walk-in, interactive audio-visual installation in its MultiCast Studio:

Immerse:Extend:Reverse – The media installation combined real and computer-generated influences in real time and translated them into an audiovisual spatial experience. The audience becomes part of a fascinating interplay of sound, technology and co-experience. As an artistic exploration, the work is part of the visual research at the new Center for Immersive Media (CIM).

Part of the installation/event, designed by Prof. Dr. Klaus Birk, Prof. Simon Gallus and Oliver Bährle, were explorative formats with sound artist Kamikuza as well as motion design elements by students from our Media Design programme, and the course “Transmedia Narratives”.