DHBW graduate and student advisor Marie-Luise Weier can look forward to an iF Design Student Award. Out of 7,000 entries, 76 works were selected for this international competition for young designers.

Marie-Luise Weier convinced the jury with her DHBW Media Design final project P Y R Y: an artistic book made of ice about the feeling of cold. By using ice as a material, the book aims to convey the transience and fragility of its contents. Unlike other books, it must be stored at a temperature below 0 °C. The effort involved is emblematic of the efforts that must be made to preserve Earth’s cold zones for their role in balancing our climate and ecosystems. “The idea came to me during my semester abroad in Finland. Climate change and its effects are clearly felt there, too. The intention was to archive the feeling of cold like,” says Marie-Luise Weier.

“PYRY conveys its core message in a creative, memorable and carefully crafted way,” the jury judged. The iF Design Award belongs to the non-profit iF Design Foundation, which promotes design and its social significance worldwide. All submissions must be consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Marie-Luise Weier’s project received an award in the Climate Action section. The work at the DHBW Ravensburg was supervised by Prof. Herbert Moser, Prof. Dr. Holger Lund, Florian Tscharf and Fabian Karrer.